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A wide range of efficient, effective methodologies

  1.     Usage and Awareness

  2.     Product Evaluation

  3.     Customer Satisfaction

  4.     Pricing Studies

  5.     Feature/Benefit Tradeoffs

Qualitative Research

Quantitative Research

Secondary Research

  1.     Trends Analysis

  2.     Category Analysis

  3.     Marketplace Analysis

  4.     SWOT

Vintage ads included to provide visual interest and maybe some irony.  From Photobucket.com

  1.     Individual In-depth Interviews

  2.     Intercepts

  3.     At-Home Testing

  4.     Journals and Diaries

  5.     Focus Groups

  6.     Mini-Groups

  7.     Delphi Method

  8.     Brainstorm/Idea Generation

Using the right approach ...

  1. BulletConducting internet surveys since 2000

  2. BulletConducting on-line focus groups when cost and objectives dictate