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Innovative market research produces impressive results


secondary research, focus groups, a quantitative telephone survey allowed us to prepare a comprehensive plan of action which included in-depth analysis of the current environment and strategy that would move the foundation toward a new framework for giving. 

The result:   a comprehensive and innovative strategy was developed and subsequently adopted by the Foundation.



The result: dramatic revenue increases in Einstein's lunch business.

recruit and schedule administrators, physicians and nurses, extensive one-on-one interviews were scheduled and conducted.  The resulting strategic analysis helped to  improve NRCPR data entry and reporting interfaces, as well as the report designs.

The result:   a new strategy and direction that increases product usability and processes, which ultimately helps reduce hospital mortality rates.

                                            Aramark Educational Services, a predominantly school year educational provider, needed to increase their summer revenue.  So, we brainstormed ‘new to the world’ concepts and ideas and then, using all the techniques in the book, we sifted, developed, modified, enhanced and evaluated ideas to come up with The Amazing Universe: a radical take on summer break. This program provided kid summer enrichment camps with out of the box offerings in design, science, mind, body and hands on learning.

The result: our branding approach achieved "top box" research results of 75%+ (far higher than industry standards), and resulted in rave reviews from the company, parents and kids alike.



The brand needed to be geared towards the national expansion of two disparate product lines (chocolates and oil), but was pulled off seamlessly. The lines were re-branded and

re-positioned, including new logo and contemporary product packaging.

The result: dramatic increases in sales, and a packaging look that has endured for over five years.

One of the primary objectives of this research was to help Xcel  Energy Foundation craft a corporate strategy for giving that best  reflected the needs and desires of Xcel’s customers.  Combining

Einstein Bros. lunch sales were sluggish. This was partly due to a need for new variety in food and partly due to service issues. Through an iterative, "back and forth" research/idea building process, we evolved both new product (grilled sandwich) and service (separate lines for quick vs. larger orders) initiatives.

Iterative focus group research to help define positioning, branding and retail shelf-level communications for this emerging brand.

In order to assist the management team of NRCPR in its goal to develop a new marketing strategy to grow subscribership in 2008 and beyond, we needed to assess the usability and usage of the National Registry of CPR. Using a sophisticated internet program to